Future leaders!

Could you be persuaded to be a walk organiser? The club needs more of them. There are two issues:

  • Firstly, program coordinators tend to have difficulty filling all of the days in each quarterly program, although they usually get there after a bit of gentle arm twisting.
  • Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, walks are often booked out well in advance with quite a waiting list (not counting those don’t even try to book once they see the waiting list). Clearly there are members keen to join trips but unable to because not enough are being run.

With more organisers we could run more walks, either walks of different grades on the same day or walks on more days of the week.

We make it as easy as possible to become an organiser. You are not thrown straight in the deep end, although there are some checks and balances. New leaders organise a walk in collaboration with a mentor who is already a very experienced leader. Organising a trip involves both some administrative tasks (putting the walk on the program, monitoring who has registered) and then actually leading the trip on the day. The mentor provides guidance through all stages. And that’s about it. Unless you have demonstrated irremediable incompetence you will be all set to take others to your favourite places with your own walks on the program.

To find out more about how to become an organiser go the the Pandani web page, click on the “Organisers” tab and then “Become an Organiser”, or just click here (you will need to log in first if you are not already logged in).

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