New Pandani blog

At its July meeting the club decided to improve communication with members and to reinforce the feeling of club community by introducing a blog with regular updates on matters that are not well suited to the main website or the Facebook page.

A major benefit of the blog approach is that every time there is a new post here it will also be sent to members who subscribe to the blog (and we hope that is all members). After subscribing you don’t have to keep checking back to see what is new. We promise not to flood you with messages, only one or two a week or less (probably much less).

What sort of content can you expect? Ideally the committee will report from time to time on what it is planning for the club. We hope that some organisers or other members may be inspired from time to time to write a report on a particularly interesting trip or provide other news, as a sort of partial replacement for the former Pandani Post newsletter. The blog won’t replace Facebook as the best place for posting photos immediately after a walk.

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