A perfect day at Hartz Peak

(From Robyn Colman, 30 November 2021)

Meeting in Kingston at 8 am, we were in shirts-without-jumpers! It was an auspicious start to a beautiful day in the Hartz Park, where the weather was balmy, the breezes gentle, and the sky blue. We had vast views and tiny flowers. The waratahs were getting ready for Christmas. Fish were rising at Lake Esperance, teasing a young fly fisherman. It was so warm it was almost tempting to swim, but giving our hot feet a cold bath, while refreshing, didn’t inspire anyone to go in further.

Since I was last on the mountain, track work has improved the climb from the saddle to near the summit, with impressive stone steps some of the way. We met two or three young couples also out for the day but there was a sense of having the place pretty much to ourselves. And there, on top of the world, we rejoiced in our beautiful island and companionship.

Thanks to John Tisdell for arranging amazing weather and giving us a relaxed, lovely walk.

(Click photos to enlarge)

4 thoughts on “A perfect day at Hartz Peak

  1. After climbing Hartz Peak four times without a view, it’s lovely to see what it i have climbed up, and the wonderous view from your piccies 🥰


    • Thank you S-J. I’ve had amazing luck (so far) with fine weather on most of my visits. Keep trying – as you know, it can be worth it! Ciao, Robyn


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