Musings of dedicated polishers

From Faith Handley & Robyn Colman

We often receive comments about our hiking boots being shiny, so we thought we would explain.

We prefer leather boots for hiking because we find them comfortable, genuinely waterproof, and easier to clean than the alternatives. Although this sparkling transformation is inherently fleeting, the actions of scrubbing, drying and polishing are oh so satisfying!

Creating that glow takes time and is part of our usual preparation for the next bushwalk, as we anticipate the excitement of new adventures and the allure of exploring unknown territory with enthusiastic companions.

There is also the matter of regular inspection for wear and tear. When washing, brushing and polishing our boots we keep in touch with them! By paying close attention, we know when more serious maintenance may be needed.

And, as we all know, clean boots feel lighter, go faster and travel further.

7 thoughts on “Musings of dedicated polishers

  1. I don’t polish my walking shoes (and I can’t polish my Volleys!) but I’ve copped a bit of ribbing for turning up on a construction site in polished steel-capped boots (because I had to wear them en route via interstate flights and capital cities). And I’m not sure if polished boots go faster but my bike is generally agreed to be fast because of its bright red colour 🙂.


  2. Love it! I used my leather boots on yesterday’s walk, so will polish tomorrow! Promise, Faith and Robyn. Or though I’m a fan of the waxy Dubbin so mine never look shiny like yours. 😢😂🤣


  3. Not so easy to find leather boots that fit me (hobbit feet), but I certainly agree with your musings & will continue to look for the perfect boot.


  4. Not sure they make me go faster but I agree with all the rest, look good leave all the germs behind, I also have received comments on shiny boots, I take it as a comment


  5. My word, you ladies certainly know how to polish a pair of boots … super job, whether you go faster or not at least you are looking good!


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